Monday, January 30, 2012

First Cricut Cake

I got a new toy to play with the other day. It is the Cricut Cake. Many people that are familiar with the world of scrap-booking (which I am not) probably know a lot about the various Cricut machines. They are used to cut all sorts of decorative things in paper and a few other materials. A few years ago the Cricut Cake came out which is food safe and designed to cut the same decorative designs in gumpaste, fondant and really any other thin, semi-firm food material. The machine was almost $400.00 when it came out but now you can find them at outrageous discounts. I got mine on one of those discount shopping sites for $75.00. That is a price that I was willing to pay. I really enjoy creating cakes and I know I will get my money's worth. It can also be used to decorate cookies, cupcakes and more. I have also learned that a few people have switched out the blade and cutting mat and are able to cut paper just as well at the Cricuts that are designed for it. This voids the warranty I hear but it is an option. Very excited to play around with this more!
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