Tuesday, February 24, 2009

An egg is an egg right????

Wrong! Well in my opinion anyway. I first noticed that all eggs are not created equal when I was living in Rome. I remember when I cracked that first egg that I bought and was amazed with the deep, rich amber color of the yolk and the thick shell. A far cry from the sad muted yellow yolk and thin, brittle shells of most American store-bought eggs. I also remember how much better the eggs in Italy tasted and when I was back home I was never again satisfied with store-bought eggs. Even free range and organic eggs. Well thanks to my cousin, who needed to find homes for her chickens and ducks; my parents are now proud owners of seven chickens and three ducks. My parents had always wanted chickens but we just never got around to it. This was the shove we needed. So my husband and I went over to my parent's small farm and we quickly constructed a critter proof coop and run. We are now getting a pretty consistent five-eggs-a-day (even through the winter!). The taste of these eggs don't even compare to store-bought eggs. I contribute this to a much more diverse diet from leafy greens to pumpkins and the plain fact that good eggs come from happy chickens. I look forward to picking up my fresh eggs every week and highly recommend everyone to seek out local, farm fresh eggs.

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