Friday, April 27, 2012

Birdie Birthday Cake- 2nd Cricut Cake

This was my second cake that I made with the help of my Cricut Cake. This cake was for a friend's little girl's first birthday and it was a total hit. All the decorations on this cake were cut out using the Cricut Cake. I learned that you have to be very patient when using the Cricut Cake and it is very time consuming but the end results are pretty amazing. There are so many shapes and designs included on each design cartridge that you can buy for the Cricut Cake that the design possibilities are endless.

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  1. Very pretty cake! I have a cricut machine and will be starting to experiment. I hope you can help me. Did you use a commercial brand fondant for your rolled fondant? In your decorations do you use commercial brand too (gum paste)? Any tips to share? Thanks!


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