Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Homemade Butter

It has been years since I have made homemade butter. When I was a kid we had a milk cow and often made butter from all that cream that "Katy Girl" gave us. We did not have TV growing up but we often had movie nights and my mom would give us each a jar filled with cream and had us shake and roll it around during the movie. A few minutes into the movie and we each had a jar of butter. A little while back I decided to start buying raw whole milk again which comes with a nice two or so inches of cream on top. So I am now making my own butter again. I just skim the cream off the top put it in a jar and shake until it all comes together. It takes awhile but you will get butter. The liquid that separates from the butter is butter milk which I save and use as well. You can also make butter using a food processor or mixer but I enjoy the jar method. After you drain off the butter milk I run the butter under cold water until all the butter milk is removed and press out all remaining liquid. You can then add any sort of flavoring, salt, honey etc. So next time you have some leftover cream make butter! It is really easy!

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