Monday, March 9, 2009

Cod Liver Oil

So, I'm not a huge supplement fan. I believe if you eat a healthy and balanced diet one should get most of the nutrients we need. However, somethings are hard to get enough of through food alone, especially if you don't have a high caloric diet.

I do feel that one supplement that is great to add to your diet is cod liver oil. It is one of the most concentrated and reliable source for DHA, EPA, vitamin A, and vitamin D. These four nutrients are needed for: healthy skin, strong bones, healthy joints, healthy cardiovascular system, nervous system, and a healthy lining for your digestive tract.

Cod liver oil comes in both gel caps and in liquid form. I have tried gel caps and was often having fishy burps (not pleasant). I had heard that the higher quality fish oil is used for the straight oil in liquid form so I have been using that and have had no problem with unpleasant fish burps. I should add that a chaser of juice is a must for me.

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