Sunday, March 22, 2009

European Peasant Bread

More bread from Artisan Bread In Five Minutes A Day! I have to say I really can't believe this bread is coming out of my oven, and with so little effort. It is better than what I can get at the store and the last time I looked, a loaf this size was $4.99. These loaves are about .50 cents each (and if you are wondering, yes I'm dutch :) ). It is so easy and to prove this, while I was at work my husband pulled out some dough and made his own loaf and that was his first bead making experience ever. It was not the prettiest loaf but there was nothing wrong with the taste. I even brought some dough with me to work and baked myself a fresh bun in our toaster oven at work...I know I'm a little crazy!

For this batch of European Peasant Bread, I tried the method of baking the bread it a dutch oven. It worked great and I will probably continue using this method. With my fist round of ABn5 bread I was using the method where you put an empty broiler pan in the oven then toss some water into it just after you put the bread in. What I found was that all the steam was putting the flame out in my oven. All I had to do was turn the oven off, then on again but I don't have to worry about it using the dutch oven.

If you are at all interested in baking this bread, I really recommend getting the book but you can find the recipe here.

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